Commercial Locksmith Services

Business Locksmith Services

Locked out of your business or your safe? Need locks rekeyed or exit door crash-bar repaired? Call now for fast and professional locksmith service 24 hours a day!

commercial door lock repair

Business Locksmith & Security Services

Employee turnover or have an outdated security system? We connect you to fast and affordable commercial locksmith service. Our highly trained and trusted locksmiths partners can rekey, repair or upgrade your business security and locks on business and offices.

Commercial Business Locksmith Services Offered:

  • Commercial lock repair & installation
  • Create master key & key control systems
  • Install high-security key and lock systems
  • Install and maintain exit door panic bar and crash locks
  • Repair & replaces desk, cabinet, and safe locks & keys

Rekey Locks

Employee turnover? Employees come and go, lose or never return keys to your office or building. Our mobile technicians can come to your business today and rekey and cut new keys for all your doors, file cabinets, and secure areas of your office, commercial business, and warehouse.

Need a master keyed system? We can set up a master key lock system at your business that will enable you to control who has access to different secure areas while providing you a master key for all locks.

commercial locksmith push bar door handle

Panic Bar Handle Maintenance

Need to upgrade, repair or install new exit door push bar handles on your business exit doors? Discount Locksmith professional commercial locksmiths are available 24 hours a day for installations, maintenance and repairs. We can install new door locks and handles, upgrade your exiting door hardware, or service and repair your exiting door locks and handles to make sure they are in proper working condition. 

Commercial Business Locksmith Services Offered:

  • Install new exit door panic bars
  • Service and repair all door locks
  • Upgrade existing business security
  • Install unauthorized exit door alarms
  • Make new keys